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Full Service Saw Mill
Triple Son Wholesale Timbers has a full service saw mill on the premises, with a variety of saws. One of which is a hydraulic saw as pictured below, capable of rough cutting and shaping any size timber to meet a customer's needs.

Learn more about our available materials:

  • Timbers – Douglas Fir deck boards, pilings and poles, hardwoods, treated lumber, blocks, wedges, pipe saddles, special orders welcome

At Triple Son Wholesale Timbers, we specialize in manufacturing a variety of custom size lumber, including wedges.

We can size wedges ranging from a mere 2" in height x 3" in length to a whopping 5' in height to 20' in length and any size in between.

Another feature of our facility is the complete form stake manufacturing system. Our mill can manufacture form stakes with sizes ranging from 1"x 2" to 2"x 3" and lengths 12" to 48" with custom sizes also available to meet specific needs of any customer.

Special orders are welcome, so don't hesitate to call for a quote on all your special needs. Call today at 985-693-6829!

Saw Mill - Cut Off, LA - Triple Son Wholesale Timbers Inc
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